Friday, 15 February 2008


ART ON STAGE is an organization for development of a contemporary art/club culture crossover and a platform to bring multidisciplinary performance works and artists with the Istanbul audience. The roots of ART ON STAGE started blossoming, while the founder Derya Demir was producing, English contemporary artist Phil Collins's work called The World Won't Listen. During the production of the work Demir and Collins develop a performance party as a site event during the opening days of the 2005 Istanbul International Biennial. The event became a legendary success like the work itself. After this big hit, Demir started to work with local bands and contemporary artists, to make them to collaborate each other, in Autumn 2005. Initiated in January 2007, as an audience development project, ART ON STAGE made its first event Tobias Bernstrup: A Real Gameboy, on November 16th 2007 and quickly appealed to the national, international performance and contemporary art scene. Till the events based on contemporary art/club culture crossover and transdisciplinary performances turned into a published organization, for those events she worked with Oliver Pietsch (video artist), Ilyas Odman (performance artist), Neriman Polat (video artist), Cevdet Erek, Ufuk Senel(performance artist), Ece Kalabak (video artist), Ha za vu zu (artist group), Justin Bennett(sound and installation artist), Soren Helvildt (sound artist), Jacob Kirkegaard (sound and installation artist), Asmundur Asmundsson (video & performance artist) among others.

Derya Demir

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